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Monday, July 23, 2018

Welcome to 2nd Grade Post Cards

Sending your students a welcome letter or post card prior to school isn't a brand new idea. It's something I've done for the past 2 years, and today I want to share a story about the impact this little thing had on one of my students. 

I was getting a student that I knew was going to give me a run for my money this year. He had a 1:1 aide for his behavior, and was always seen around school crying and giving his aide a hard time. I kept an open mind since kids can grow up a lot over the summer, and a fresh start may just be what the doctor ordered. 

Well, a lot happened to this little one over the summer, and not the type of things you would hope for. The family wasn't sure if he was even enrolled anywhere, and the post card I sent out was a huge relief for them - it was one less thing to worry about!

But, that's just the tip of the iceberg. On the first day of school -- they got the postcard after Meet the Teacher Night -- he came up to me and very politely said "Thank you so much for the card, Ms. Corrigan. I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm so excited to be in your class!".

He still gave me a run for my money while he was in my class, but because that postcard started the year off right with him. I was able to build a positive relationship with him and his family. His behavior improved drastically, and he no longer required an aide for behavior. 

It's a small gesture, but it can make a big difference! What do you send home before the school year starts?

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