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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Under the Sea: My New Classroom

I am so excited to show you my classroom this year! When I first moved into this room a few years ago, it was packed completely full of anything and everything you could possibly think of. Everything was on the walls, the cabinets were full, and it was just a mess. Click here to see what I inherited.

Anyways, I never had a fresh start in an empty room! I had to scramble to make the room my own and it has been a process over a few years. So, taking down everything to get new carpets wasn't the worst thing in the world because I finally got my fresh(ish) start in a classroom! 

Now the cabinets are a different story... But hey - baby steps! :)

And now.. Welcome to the Corriganite Nation!

The students' names are written on the fishies in the window.

This is the view of the back wall when you enter the room. The black bulletin board will display student work.

The "Write" Stuff will eventually hold exemplary student writing. Right below is my library.

What's a library without pillow and stuffed animals? These book buddies are sure to be a huge hit!

Next up is the Reading Wall, which displays strategy posters, and eventually anchor charts. This is where my small group table is this year, and that table skirt is hiding a bunch of manipulatives and containers of decodables below!

Pocket charts galore! 

Math wall and meeting area. The black bulletin board will hold the Wall of Fame. I haven't decided how I'm going to use it this year, but it will hold student pictures of some kind. The kiddos love seeing their pictures, and was their favorite part of the room last year!

Front of the classroom. P.S. Don't mind the clock.. It's hung up on the wall now!

Objectives, and testing table. 

Last but not least - my teacher area. It's already messy.. big surprise! ;-)

So.. that is my classroom this year! It's always a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it turned out this year. 

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