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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fundraising with Otter Pops!

I think we need to add "Fundraising Coordinator/Manager/Godfather" to our resumes. In February, my life becomes all about fundraising, while we do our big fundraiser with Otter Pops. This fundraiser has helped my team raise a lot of money over the years, and is especially successful when it is hot outside. Yes, it can be that hot in Arizona in February..
It's never too early to start thinking about fundraising, right?!

Selling Otter Pops is a GREAT fundraiser! My team and I sell Otter Pops during Field Days. We have a school with over 1,000 kids so Field Day lasts for multiple days, and each grade level goes out on their assigned day. We used to sell lemonade, but we switched to Otter Pops two years ago and I wouldn't go back.

We recruit parent volunteers to run the stand since it occurs during the school day. There have been times when we didn't get enough volunteers and have had to cover the stand during various parts of the day - it really just depends on parents availability during this time. We charge 25 cents for an Otter Pop, and boy do those things sell like crazy!

I've put together a fundraising checklist from things I've learned over the years to make sure that your fundraiser can be a goldmine.

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Happy Fundraising!

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