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Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday

This week was the first day back with our students. Man, that first week back sure is EXHAUSTING! 

The weekend before school starts, Matt and I were able to go to Flagstaff to celebrate one last weekend before I go completely crazy once school starts enjoy the cooler weather. We went on a drive up to Snowbowl in Matt's new car! It's hard to picture the scenery all covered in snow in the winter!

My face at the end of the first day of school. W.O.W. That was a long one. I have my work cut out for me this year!

But at the end of the day if my desk is the messiest (and luckily the only messy) area in the room it won't be tooooo bad, right? 

Side note - I absolutely LOVE my class. They're great. I just have a few little MAJOR challenges this year. 

We had rainy day schedule on the 2nd day of school. Mother Nature why did you do this to us?! Rainy day schedule on the 2nd day of school should be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Luckily, I signed up for GoNoodle this year and I am already soooo thankful for this!! It really helped the kiddos get their wiggles out and it was super fun to do, too!

I'm trying really hard this year to set up an environment where my students cheer each other on and encourage each other to do their best. I had to kill some time during testing and students were in and our out of the room, and played around the world with my students. They had a blast, but by far the best part was when my most challenging students started cheering for their classmates out of the blue! I hadn't said anything to my class about encouraging each other since kids were in and out of the room - I thought it would make the most sense to do it when they were all in the room. It was one of those moments when you have to go with the flow, and we had a quick pep talk about cheering each other on. They all jumped on the bandwagon after that! I hope I can keep this going the rest of the year!!

I just wish I had a picture of it now.. 

It's an old picture, but this week Matt and I had our 5 year anniversary this week. Where did the time go? #love

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