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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Corriganite Nation

This post is all about The Corriganite Nation.


What IS the Corriganite Nation?

What IS a Corriganite?

I'm glad you asked!!

This idea comes from my amazing mentor teacher. She came up with the word "Corriganite", and if I get married then I'll have to go back to her to come up with the new name. Anyways, it is all about building community! I tell my students that my room is "The Corriganite Nation" and that they are all members of The Corriganite Nation. I am the leader, and they are my Corriganites! 

Last year I had a student tell me that he wanted to be a Minion instead of a Corriganite. My answer to him was NO!! He grew to like the idea, and at the end of the year he was proud to be a Corriganite. :)

How do you set up your classroom community and get the kiddos to "buy in"? 

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