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Monday, November 7, 2016

Friendship Feast

The week of Thanksgiving the kiddos are usually pretty antsy and excited. Since it's an odd week anyway, why not do the fun activities we barely have time for? 

A Friendship Feast!

We've done this a few year now, and here's how we run it. 

There are over 100 2nd graders at my school, so we need a large outdoor space to hold all of them. We give the volunteers a general idea of how we want things set up, and then they're on their own to get everything going. It looks a little different every year, and here's what it looked like last year:

This was actually a little difficult serving food with this arrangement. In the past we had 2 long rows in the middle and that worked out much easier. 

Cooking was set up in the hallway right inside. 

The start of the snack table, before it was organized. We eventually moved the soup out here before we served it which made it easier if kiddos wanted seconds.

Each place setting started with a juice and apple sauce. 

One the kiddos are sitting down we serve the soup, bread, crackers, and popcorn. We do not do dessert. 

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It's always a fun time, and something the kiddos remember! My old students will pass by in the hallway when we're cooking our food and setting everything up and I always hear them talking about how much fun they had. 

What do you do to celebrate Thanksgiving with your students? Let me know in the comments!

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