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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How I Gamified my Classroom: Timed 3D Model

This post is all about one of the baby steps I took to add game elements into my classroom, and this one was a timed group activity.

I did this activity the Friday before we went on our week long Fall Break, and that was the perfect time to try an activity like this out! I had several groups of students, and each group had to construct a 3D model of the beginning, middle, and end of one of the stories we read in our reading curriculum. They couldn't tell the other groups which story they had, and then the kiddos had to guess which model went with each story. Oh, and they only had 30 minutes to do it.

I showed them how to make the 3D model, but that was it! I stepped back and let them figure out how to work together and delegate each part. Some groups did a better job than others, but overall they all turned out pretty good! If you're looking to create this with your class, this website has directions and pictures to show you how to make it.

Can you tell this is from Henry and Mudge?

Another side of Henry and Mudge

Since 2nd graders.. or any elementary age student.. aren't good at managing time, I checked in with the class every 10 minutes so they could vote on how they were doing and working together. It works out well to have them reflect on their effort and team work, and it gives me an idea of who might need me to help them sort things out.

I would definitely do this activity again! And probably will right before we go on another break from school, with another spin on it... I should have that all figured out by spring break!

Check back next Wednesday to read about my plans to gamify my class in the 2nd Quarter!

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