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Monday, June 20, 2016

Memory Books

The end of the school year is all about survival having fun! This year we had to pack up our classrooms completely because of new carpeting and painting, so the kiddos checked out a little earlier than normal this year. I guess it was hard for them to concentrate in a room with no bulletin boards and lots of boxes packed up everywhere!

Memory books are a great way for the littles to think back to all of the good times we had during the year. There are tons of great templates that you can use on TpT, but I wanted to share a new take on the memory book.

I try to provide my students with opportunities to create things often, as opposed to following a set of directions and answering questions. I want them to generate their own ideas so the product is truly their own. And I am totally kicking myself right now because I forgot to take pictures of their final products! #ohwell #illremembernextyear

I found these books in the Target Dollar Spot at the beginning of the school year, and they were in packs of 8 for $3. I wanted to use this as a scrapbook for the year, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. That's okay - I already have the plan for next year!

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